Getting the right home loan

When the impulse and excitement of buying a new property strikes, it can be easy to be swayed into a loan by a smooth talking lender or a major banking institution.

Loans can be complex, with interest rates, projected future payments, fees, thinking about one income versus two, and whether you need to get insurance just some of the considerations to make.

Taking the time to get the loan right, rather than jumping at the first offer, can make a huge difference in your ability to repay the loan, the duration of the loan, your security if circumstances change and your immediate and future return on investment.

Whether it is your first home, an investment property, a refinance, an upgrade or downsize, getting the loan right is vital.

This free Property Observer eBook, brought to you by Aussie, will look at how to navigate finding the right home loan and all of the factors you need to consider when taking one out.

In ten steps it will look at:

  • Why it’s important to do your research;
  • Different types of home loans;
  • How to overcome bad credit ratings;
  • Why you might need a mortgage broker;
  • The hidden fees to watch for, and much more.