The Team


Martin Schoeddert, JP- Director and head of sales. Martin started in the industry in 1988, and has been a licensed agent since 1991. He has  assisted thousands of people to buy and sell homes, been involved in subdivision works and formed iRIS Property with Jeanette in 2007. Martin and Jeanette formed the company with just a few basic premises,- keep it simple, transparent and honest, do some great marketing and be excellent negotiators. These basic principals have made us grow our client base to what it is today.




Jeanette Schoeddert – Jeanette oversees all the accounts and administration operations for the business and has developed the holiday letting division. This is an exciting direction as it lets our owners facilitate income production to their occasional residence, thus offsetting the cost of ownership and maintenance. Jeanette’s keen eye for detail and styling assist greatly in having all our holidays properties achieve returns at the top end of the market.



Deb Weymark- Deb is our Senior Property Manager  and is also a Licenced Real Estate Agent. She has a wealth of experience across the entire Real Estate spectrum with her main focus being Property Management. She also started in the industry in the 1980’s and has managed a wide scope of residential, commercial and industrial properties very successfully for her owners. Debs attributes include extreme accuracy of work, and a real sense of balance between owners and tenants – thus ensuring all parties have a functional working relationship.